Optical Amplifier - 32port WDM

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Описание Optical Amplifier - 32port WDM

The V8616Y Series Ytterbium and Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifiers (YEDFA) is designed for use in CATV、 FTTX and HFC application. It is optimized for 1550nm wavelength and is packaged in a 2U 19” rack housing. The product offering is flexible enough to perform all the requirements of CATV、FTTX and HFC applications. The device chooses a high performance PUMP laser and circuit (include ACC and APC) and optical output power is adjustable and flexible for network link loss budget. The V8616Y series also provide monitors and associated alarms for all vital characteristics. The status and management of the device can be monitored and managed either from the VFD front panel display or remotely via Ethernet based-SNMP .  The device also support multipul optical output by build-in PLC splitter and FWDM (1310nm1490nm) optical multiplexer for Triple-play FTTX network applications.

Характеристики Optical Amplifier - 32port WDM

► Standard 19 inch 2U Rack YEDFA
 ► Output port from 4-64ports optional
 ► Output powers rang from 27~40dBm optional
 ► Output power adjustable -3~0dB
 ► Wide input dynamic range(-5 to +10dBm)
 ► High Isolated input & output(30dB for max)
 ► Low power consumption
 ► Front Panel Key Switch for pump on/off control
 ► FWDM optional
 ► Automatic Power Control (APC) or Automatic Current Control (ACC)
 ► VFD Panel Status Indicator for local monitor
 ► Remote management via SNMP (Ethernet Interface)

Description Unit Value Conditions / Notes
Optical Specifications
Wavelength nm 1530~1560  
Input Power dBm -5~10 1550nm
Output Power dBm 24~40 @+6dBm Input
Output Power Stability dB 0.1 @+6dBm Input
Noise Figure dB  4(max 5) @+6dBm Input
Isolation (Input/Output) dB 30  
Return Loss (Input/Output) dB 55  
Polarization Dependent Gain dB max 0.5  
Polarization Mode Dispersion ps max 0.5  
Electrical Specifications
Communication Interface   RJ45, RS-232 9600bps
Input voltage VAC 90-265 -12/-48 V DC(optional)
Consumption W 15 maximum  
Fuse A 2  
Connector IEC Male power connector  
Environmental Specifications
Operating Temperature -5 ~55  
Storage Temperature -25 ~70  
Storage Humidity RH% ≤95 No Condensation
Mechanical Specifications
Dimension   (HxWxD) mm 88 ´ 483 ´ 422  
Weight kg < 6  
Mounting   19” EIA rack, 2U Rack 4out is 1U

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