V-SOL Communications Knowledge Contest

16 июля 2019, 12:37
V-SOL Communications Knowledge Contest

On Jan. 19, 2019, Sales Center of V-SOL participated the Communication Knowledge Contest organized by Enterprise Development Depart. All sales were divided into 4 teams: Excellent Team, Elite Team, Hard-working Team and Professional Team.

Mr. Welming Chan gave an opening speech, that he expect all sales should keep learning to know more about the products and to be a real top sales. 

The contest officially started after singing the company song, the theme of this contest is “know product and love study” .

The 1st round is shouting slogans. The Excellent Team leading by Cici has a good start by a loud slogan shouting. And the other teams shouting louder and louder. The hard-working Team’s slogan is very creative and louder than others, they were given 10 scores and ahead of others temporarily. 

The 2nd round is required questions. Most questions get its correct answers due to all teams well prepared before this contest. But the Hard-working Team and Excellent Team have some wrong answers, then all teams restart from the same starting line.    

The 3rd round is racing to be the first to answer a question via APP. The Elite Team keeps ahead of others from the beginning due to their advanced mobile phone. But it seems not fair to other teams, then the rules were adjusted. After that, Professional Team got more chance and reduced the score difference between Elite Team. By the end of this round, Hard-working Team was far behind others.

The 4th round is taking turns to answer questions, most contestants chose the high score questions to catch up each others, the scores of each team went up and down. Professional Team leading by Eliana gave the most correct answers and reduced the score difference between Elite Team. However, Elite Team chose a very difficult question and gave wrong answer, then they fell behind Professional Team after 20 scores deducted. 

Finally, Professional Team won the first place (Team leader: Eliana, Team members: Ali and Kemp). The winning team was rewarded and then all teams took photo together. As reward for Hard-working Team, all team members must run 3KM.

By holding this contest, all sales know more about products and communications knowledge.

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