V3500-28X Layer3 Switch

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  • Артикул: V3500-28X
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Описание V3500-28X Layer3 Switch

The V3500 series switches provide flexible full-Gigabit access and 10 Gigabit uplink ports, support multiple Layer 3 routing protocols, and have higher performance and richer service processing capabilities. Based on the high- performance L2/L3 wire-speed switching service, it further integrates various network services such as IPv6 and network security, and combines various high-reliability technologies such as uninterrupted upgrade, non-stop forwarding, and redundancy protection to ensure the network‘s long-term uninterrupted communication capabilities. Widely used in enterprise park access and aggregation, data center access and other application scenarios.

Характеристики V3500-28X Layer3 Switch

Dimension 43.6*285*442mm(H*W*D) lnterr>et port GE(RJ45):
4 GE(SFP): 24
Weight 4.2kg    
Operating humidity   MAC Address Table 16K
Operating temperature -^5<tc< span=""> Surge Protection 4KV
Input Votage At: 100-2 40V. S0/6OH: 0C-48V Power dissipation <35W
L2 Link Aggregation, Upli nk rate up to 68G bps 
L3 Switch: Static routing, RIP vl/v2, OSPF v3, BGP4+
Support IPv6 Static, IPv6 SNMP, IPv6 Telnet, IPv6 Https
Support DHCPv6 Server, DHCPv6 Relay, ICMPv6, DHCPv6,  ACLv6' IPv6 Telnet
Support 1:1 and N:1 VLAN, Flexible QinQ 
Support BPDU Protectiorix Loop Protection 
Support DHCP Snooping, DHCP Option 82 
Support Dual Power Supply
O&M:EMS, Console, WEB, Telnet, SNMP vl/v2/v3, SSH 2.0

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